Fix: Midjourney ‘Cannot have Custom Image Weights with Version 4’

Fix Midjourney Cannot have Custom Image Weights

Midjourney is an advance AI tool when it comes to creating realistic images. Users can literally feed any text prompt to generate any idea they can imagine. And not only text prompts, Midjourney even accepts image prompts now. The Image Weight function provides a feature where users can even choose the level to which the final … Read more

Fix: Midjourney “the Application did not Respond” when using /imagine

Midjourney the Application did not Respond

Midjourney’s integration with Discord provides the best experience to its users. The community can enjoy not only Midjourney‘s services but also the chance to interact with the moderators on the official servers. Moreover, the Midjourney bot can be added to a personal server where the Midjourney’s services can be used personally. The Discord Midjourney interaction … Read more

Fix: Midjourney ‘Please Check that your URL is a Direct link to an image, Not a Webpage’

Midjourney ‘Please Check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage’

Midjourney is an amazing AI text-to-image generator tool; you can create great images by entering the right prompt. It can also generate images from an image prompt. However, several people have reported issues while uploading images to the Midjourney. The most common errors are: ‘Please Check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage’ Could … Read more

Can Midjourney make NSFW | Midjourney Alternatives for non-PG 13 Images

Midjourney Alternatives for non-PG 13 images

Midjourney is considered the best AI image generator out there. Even though the service is not free, Midjourney has managed to attract more than a million users on it’s Discord server. Well, if you are good enough with major prompts and negative prompts, you can make anytype of content you can imagine but NSFW. Non-PG … Read more

(2023) Midjourney Banned Words as per Community Guidelines

Midjourney Banned Words

Midjourney has proven itself to be one of the greatest AI-powered tools in the industry, which can be used to generate any possible image that one can think of. But, as the human mind discovers the possibilities and freedom the tool offers, the intrusive thoughts might cause disruptions. That’s why the creators of Midjourney decided not … Read more