Fix: Midjourney ‘Please Check that your URL is a Direct link to an image, Not a Webpage’

Midjourney is an amazing AI text-to-image generator tool; you can create great images by entering the right prompt.

It can also generate images from an image prompt. However, several people have reported issues while uploading images to the Midjourney.

The most common errors are:

‘Please Check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage’

Could not validate this link

In case you are also having such issues, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have explained what these errors mean and how to fix them.

So, let’s get started.

What does Midjourney ‘Please check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage’ mean

The error message “Midjourney: Please check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage,” means that you are trying to use a URL that points to a webpage instead of a direct link to an image.

How to Fix Midjourney ‘Please Check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage’

Below, I have listed down all the possible ways to fix this issue:

1. Find the direct link to the image

Right-click on the image you want to use and select “Copy Image Address” or a similar option. This will copy the direct URL of the image to your clipboard.

For Examplecopy image address

2. Verify the link

Paste the URL into a new browser tab to ensure that it directly displays the image and not a webpage.

If a webpage appears instead of the image, you might need to use a different method to obtain the direct link to the image.

3. Use the correct URL

Once you have verified that the URL points directly to the image, replace the previous URL you were using with the correct one.

4. Make sure the image URL ends with .jpg or .png.

It is important to make sure that you upload a direct URL that ends with either .png or .jpg, rather than uploading an entire HTML page that may contain the image.

I would suggest to download the desired image and then upload it directly into Midjourney on Discord using the + button. By following these steps, you can ensure that the image is correctly uploaded and avoid encountering the error message.

5. Retry the operation

If you encountered the error while trying to use the URL in a specific context, such as embedding an image or uploading it to a platform, retry the operation with the corrected URL.

Make sure to follow the appropriate steps or guidelines specific to the platform you are using.

6. Make sure Midjourney servers aren’t down

Sometimes the problems might not be just from your side. Sometimes Midjourney servers might be experiencing issues or problems causing certain errors.

So, we would suggest visiting the server status website of Midjourney. Here, check if the servers are having any issues or not.

If the servers are down or there are other issues, you would like to wait to use it until the servers get fixed.

midjourney server status

You can also check the server status by checking the #status channel in Midjourney official Discord channel.

status channel in Midjourneys official Discord channel


Final Words

So, that all for now folks. I hope after reading this post you were able to fix Midjourney ‘Please Check that your URL is a direct link to an image, not a webpage’ error.

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