Fix: Midjourney “the Application did not Respond” when using /imagine

Midjourney’s integration with Discord provides the best experience to its users. The community can enjoy not only Midjourney‘s services but also the chance to interact with the moderators on the official servers.

Moreover, the Midjourney bot can be added to a personal server where the Midjourney’s services can be used personally.

The Discord Midjourney interaction is really cool till the users face the “the Application did not Respond” error. There can be many reasons why this issue appears.

In this post, find answers to all your queries, along with the methods to fix this error.

Let us start without any further ado!

Why does Midjourney say ‘the Application did not Respond’

Short Answer: Midjourney “the Application did not Respond” occurs when there are issues with the Midjourney bot, Discord servers, or Midjourney servers. The error also occurs if the device is connected to an encrypted connection.

1. Discord Bot not responding

Apparently, the “Application did not Respond” error in Midjourney’s Discord server is related to Discord only. It’s a common issue and appears frequently when a Discord Bot is used on a server.

So, if Discord bot is not responding well because of an internal issue and the user tries to use the command like – /imagine to initiate the bot on Discord server, they will definitely see the error code.

We will talk about the ways to fix this issue in the next part of this post.

2. Issues with Midjourney servers

Well, if there are no issues with the Discord bot, it is possible that the Midjourney servers are having downtime and were put down intentionally for maintenance.

For easier understanding, consider the Discord server as a medium to access Midjourney servers where the Midjourney bot (which is technically a Discord bot) responds to the command given by the user.

A command is received and the request is processed on the Midjourney server through Discord.

So, the “Application did not Respond” error also occurs when Midjourney servers are down.

3. Issues with Discord servers

If you understand the Midjourney and Discord relationship, you will know how Discord plays an important role when it comes to using Midjourney.

In previous point we discussed why issues in Midjourney servers triggers the error code. Similarly, problem with Discord servers is also the reason why “the Application did not Respond” error code appears.

4. Connection issues

Well, that’s unlikely, but you might face the same error if there’s an issue with the network connection. You need a stable connection so that the Discord bot access Midjourney’s API without any issues.

Fix: Midjourney “the Application did not Respond”

Now that you understand the reasons why “the Application did not Respond” appears. It is time to find out the methods to fix this issue.

Before you proceed, we must tell you that all the methods mentioned below don’t actually fix the issues. But, they can be of great use to help you tackle the situation. It is because the technical issues have to be solved by the team at Midjourney and Discord. There’s nothing much you can do about it.

1. Check the Midjourney services status

As mentioned above, the issues with the Midjourney services cannot be fixed by you. You just have to wait till the servers come back online.

But, the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the Midjourney services status rather than just waiting for the services to run again. This saves time and you won’t find yourself frustrated over running the commands on Discord repeatedly.

The best way to check the status of the services is by checking the #status channel in Midjourney’s official Discord channel. You can choose to get notified as well. You will get to know whenever Midjourney services face downtime and general service issues.

status channel in Midjourneys official Discord channel

If you are a Twitter user, the services updates can be checked on the official Midjourney Twitter handle.

2. Check if other bots are responding

If you have bots deployed on your server or if you can access bots on other Discord servers, check if other server bots are processing commands as intended.

As mentioned before, the “Application did not Respond” error is not specific to the Midjourney bot, and other Discord bots might show the same error phrase.

If other bots don’t process your command and show the same issue, you should wait till the issue is resolved. It is best to check back later and try entering the command again.

3. Check the Discord server status

If Midjourney services are working fine, it means Midjourney has nothing to do with the error you are getting on Discord. It is evident Discord servers are not working as intended, and some services are facing an outage.

The best way to avoid any frustration is by keeping an eye on Discord’s service status. You can reach out to the official Discord server status portal.

You can get updates on Twitter as well. Follow the notifications from the official Discord support channel.

4. Disable the VPN connection

A VPN provides an encrypted connection to your device and could be helpful in many ways. But a VPN connection can cause issues with your Midjourney bot as well.

You should always turn off your VPN connection before commanding the Midjourney bot. And restart the Discord app once when you turn off the VPN connection.


And that’s all, ladies and gents. Hope you understood the reasons why the error appears in the first place and also the ways to fix the issue. The error code in question is a general issue and can appear for any Discord bot.

Any hassle can be avoided if you are aware of the reasons.

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