49+ ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing & Improving

A lot has changed since the introduction of ChatGPT. It has revolutionized the world like no one has ever imagined. The good thing is that ChatGPT is on our side and can help us with almost anything.

You can use this revolutionary tech to help you write an impactful resume. And guess what? We will help you out with that. ChatGPT works best when you provide well-structured prompts as input. Use our best prompts to fabricate a good-looking resume.

So, if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Important parts of resume and how ChatGPT can assist you

Other than name, contact details, and past education, a good resume has three important parts –

  1. Professional experience
  2. Relevant Skills
  3. Resume introduction

There are chances that your resume doesn’t describe you to be fit for a role even if you are capable of getting much better roles. It’s all about how you showcase things. If these three parts, as mentioned above, of your resume can describe your skills and capabilities, you can say that you have a really good resume speaking for you.

And guess what? ChatGPT can help you with that. We have created some really good prompts that ask for input and help you showcase yourself in a much better way.

ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing & Improving

How does it work?

The prompts we provided here will help you write a single part of your resume. If you think a specific part of your resume needs improvement, you can ask ChatGPT for help with that part.

In the next part of this post, you will find a prompt to write a resume from scratch.

ChatGPT Prompts for writing ‘Professional Experience’

The prompt created by us can help you write a better ‘Professional Experience’ for your resume. Make sure to provide more input if you like to showcase more experiences.

Pro tip: Ask ChatGPT to include content in points for better visibility.

  1. For Mid-Level Professionals:
    • “Detail my role and achievements as a [Your Job Title] at [Company Name] for time period [20xx to 20xx], emphasizing leadership in projects and improvements made in processes or performance.”
  2. For Senior-Level Professionals:
    • “Summarize key responsibilities and milestones achieved in my role as a [Senior Job Title] at [Company Name] for time period [20xx to 20xx], highlighting leadership, strategy development, and significant projects led.”
  3. For Career Changers:
    • “Explain how my experience as a [Previous Industry Job Title] at [Company Name] for time period [20xx to 20xx] provided me with transferable skills for the [New Industry] sector, focusing on adaptable abilities and relevant accomplishments.”
  4. For Freelancers/Consultants:
    • “Describe a significant project I completed as a freelancer/consultant in [Field/Industry] for time period [20xx to 20xx], detailing the project scope, my role, and the outcomes achieved.”
  5. For Those with Gap Years:
    • “Articulate the valuable skills and experiences gained during my gap year(s), including any freelance work, volunteering, or personal projects that are relevant to my career path.”
  6. For Technical Roles:
    • “Detail a challenging technical project I worked on as a [Your Technical Job Title], outlining the technologies used, my specific contributions, and the project’s impact.”
  7. For Creative Professionals:
    • “Describe a creative project or campaign I led or significantly contributed to in my role as a [Your Creative Job Title] for time period [20xx to 20xx], emphasizing the creative process, collaboration, and the end result.”
  8. For Sales and Marketing Roles:
    • “Highlight a successful sales strategy or marketing campaign I developed and executed at [Company Name] for time period [20xx to 20xx], including the objectives, actions taken, and results achieved.”
  9. For Customer Service Oriented Roles:
    • “Explain how I improved customer satisfaction or resolved a complex issue in my role as a [Your Job Title] for time period [20xx to 20xx], focusing on problem-solving skills and customer interaction.”
  10. For Project Managers:
    • “Detail a complex project I managed at [Company Name] for time period [20xx to 20xx], outlining the objectives, my role, key milestones, challenges overcome, and the project’s successful outcome.”
  11. For Healthcare Professionals:
    • “Describe a significant healthcare initiative I contributed to or led at [Healthcare Facility] for time period [20xx to 20xx], focusing on patient care improvements, interdisciplinary collaboration, and outcomes.”
  12. For Educators and Teachers:
    • “Summarize a curriculum development or educational program I initiated or enhanced at [School or Institution] for time period [20xx to 20xx], highlighting my approach, implementation, and the impact on student learning.”
  13. For IT Professionals:
    • “Explain a critical IT infrastructure project I worked on for time period [20xx to 20xx], detailing the technologies implemented, challenges faced, and the benefits realized by the organization.”
  14. For Finance Professionals:
    • “Describe a financial strategy or analysis I conducted at [Company Name], emphasizing the approach, tools used, and how my insights led to improved financial performance for time period [20xx to 20xx].”
  15. For Recent Graduates/New Entrants:
      • “Describe an internship experience at [Company Name] for time period [20xx to 20xx], focusing on the skills developed and tasks accomplished relevant to an entry-level position in [Industry].”

ChatGPT Prompts for writing ‘Relevant Skills or Additional Skills’

The prompts listed below would help you list relevant skills for the role you are applying for. Sometimes, the skills you thought were too obvious to mention can make a difference.

  1. For Tech and IT Professionals:
    • “List technical skills suitable for a [Job Title], focusing on programming languages, software, and systems I am proficient in.”
  2. For Healthcare Professionals:
    • “Generate a list of relevant medical and interpersonal skills for a [Job Title], including any specialized medical training and patient care abilities.”
  3. For Marketing and Communications Roles:
    • “Create a list of marketing and communication skills relevant to a [Job Title], emphasizing digital marketing, content creation, and strategic communication.”
  4. For Finance and Accounting Jobs:
    • “Identify key financial skills for a [Job Title], including proficiency in financial software, data analysis, and regulatory knowledge.”
  5. For Education and Teaching Positions:
    • “Detail essential teaching skills for a [Job Title], such as curriculum design, classroom management, and educational technology expertise.”
  6. For Sales and Business Development:
    • “Enumerate sales and negotiation skills appropriate for a [Job Title], including customer relationship management and target achievement strategies.”
  7. For Creative Industries (e.g., Design, Writing):
    • “Highlight creative and technical skills for a [Job Title], focusing on design software expertise, creative thinking, and project management.”
  8. For Engineering and Manufacturing Roles:
    • “List engineering skills pertinent to a [Job Title], covering areas like CAD software proficiency, project management, and problem-solving abilities.”
  9. For Legal Professionals:
    • “Generate a list of legal skills for a [Job Title], including legal research, case management, and knowledge of specific legal areas.”
  10. For Customer Service Positions:
    • “Identify key customer service skills for a [Job Title], focusing on communication, problem-solving, and CRM software expertise.”
  11. For Human Resources Professionals:
    • “Detail HR-related skills for a [Job Title], such as talent recruitment, employee relations, and knowledge of HR software and laws.”
  12. For Project Management:
    • “List project management skills suitable for a [Job Title], including expertise in PM software, team leadership,

ChatGPT Prompts for writing ‘Hobbies and interests’

The same scenario applies to the ‘Hobbies and interests’ part. Your hobbies and interests, which complement the job role, might help you for the good.

  1. For a Tech Professional (e.g., Software Developer, Data Scientist):
    • “Suggest hobbies and interests that demonstrate analytical and technical skills for someone in the [Your Job Title] field.”
  2. For a Creative Professional (e.g., Graphic Designer, Writer):
    • “List creative hobbies and interests that would complement the skills of a [Your Job Title], showcasing creativity and artistic flair.”
  3. For a Healthcare Professional (e.g., Nurse, Doctor):
    • “Identify hobbies and interests for a [Your Job Title] that reflect compassion, dedication, and an interest in health and wellness.”
  4. For an Educator (e.g., Teacher, Professor):
    • “Propose hobbies and interests for an [Your Job Title] that highlight a passion for learning, teaching, and mentoring others.”
  5. For a Finance Professional (e.g., Accountant, Financial Analyst):
    • “Recommend hobbies and interests for a [Your Job Title] that demonstrate precision, analytical thinking, and an interest in financial markets.”
  6. For a Marketing Professional (e.g., Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist):
    • “Suggest hobbies and interests for a [Your Job Title] that reflect creativity, trends awareness, and strategic thinking.”
  7. For a Legal Professional (e.g., Lawyer, Paralegal):
    • “List hobbies and interests suitable for a [Your Job Title] that showcase analytical skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to justice.”
  8. For a Human Resources Professional:
    • “Identify hobbies and interests for an [Your Job Title] that demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and an interest in organizational culture.”
  9. For a Sales Professional:
    • “Recommend hobbies and interests for a [Your Job Title] that highlight persuasive skills, a dynamic personality, and an interest in building relationships.”
  10. For an Environmental Scientist:
    • “Propose hobbies and interests for an [Your Job Title] that reflect a passion for the environment, sustainability, and scientific research.”
  11. For a Sports and Fitness Professional (e.g., Personal Trainer, Coach):
    • “List hobbies and interests for a [Your Job Title] that demonstrate a commitment to fitness, health, and sportsmanship.”

ChatGPT Prompts for writing ‘Resume Summary’

A resume summary is the most important part of the resume. Your ‘resume summary’ must be eye-catching, short, and to the point.

Pro tip: ChatGPT might write a ‘detailed’ and long story for resume summary. Ask the bot to write shorter and to-the-point summary.

  1. For Management Professionals:
    • “Write a resume summary for a [Your Job Title in Management] with [Number of Years] years of experience. Highlight key management skills and significant achievements in the field.”
  2. For IT and Tech Roles:
    • “Create a professional summary for an [Your IT/Tech Job Title] with [Number of Years] years in the industry, emphasizing technical skills and major projects or contributions.”
  3. For Healthcare Workers:
    • “Draft a resume summary for a healthcare professional with the title [Your Healthcare Job Title], detailing [Number of Years] years of experience and key skills in patient care and medical knowledge.”
  4. For Education and Teaching:
    • “Compose a resume summary for an educator with the job title [Your Teaching Job Title], reflecting on [Number of Years] years of experience and strengths in curriculum development and student engagement.”
  5. For Creative Industries (like Design or Writing):
    • “Generate a summary for a creative professional, specifically a [Your Creative Job Title], with [Number of Years] years in the field, focusing on creative achievements and key skills.”
  6. For Sales and Marketing:
    • “Write a compelling resume summary for a [Your Sales/Marketing Job Title] with [Number of Years] of experience, emphasizing sales achievements, marketing strategies, and customer relationship skills.”
  7. For Finance Professionals:
    • “Develop a resume summary for a [Your Finance Job Title], incorporating [Number of Years] years of experience and highlighting financial management, analysis skills, and major fiscal achievements.”
  8. For Engineers:
    • “Construct a resume summary for an engineering role, specifically [Your Engineering Job Title], detailing [Number of Years] years of experience and engineering project highlights.”
  9. For Administrative Roles:
    • “Formulate a resume summary for an administrative position, such as [Your Administrative Job Title], focusing on [Number of Years] years of experience and administrative skills like organization and communication.”
  10. For Hospitality Industry:
    • “Write a resume summary for a hospitality professional with the title [Your Hospitality Job Title], covering [Number of Years] of experience and key hospitality skills like customer service and event management.”

ChatGPT to write a Resume from scratch

If you are someone who has never written a resume before, this prompt is definitely for you. Well, we have included a single prompt for this section, but you will be surprised to see how effective it is when it comes to creating a tailored resume.

On using this prompt, you will be asked some questions related to each part of the resume, and as you answer them, you will get one step closer to creating a perfect resume for you.

Some of the pointers mentioned in the prompt are optional. If you do not want a specific section, say – ‘Language Proficiency’, you can exclude it. Similarly, you can make additions too.

Super Prompt –

Assume you are an expert resume writer. Help me write a professional resume from scratch for a [Your Job Title] job role. Do not overwrite or include relevant details, I need a single page resume. Do not use complex language. Ask relevant questions for my inputs required for each part of the resume –

  • Career Objective / Summary
  • Contact Information Format
  • Work Experience Listing
  • Educational Background Outline
  • Skills Section Listing
  • Certifications and Awards Listing
  • Volunteer Experience / Extracurricular Activities
  • Language Proficiency Listing (optional)
  • Personal Projects or Portfolio Description (optional)
  • References Section (optional)
  • Customization for a Specific Industry (optional)

How to get the best results from ChatGPT

ChatGPT is just an AI-powered tool. You can only get the best results from it if you give your best input for customization. Your input will help ChatGPT create a better tailor-made resume. Here are some points that you must consider while building your resume with ChatGPT

1. Provide detailed input

As we mentioned below, ChatGPT works best only when you provide it with the details you already know. ChatGPT doesn’t know a thing about you; introduce yourself like you would do in front of a stranger.

Only then will the details be used to create a tailor-made resume for you?

2. Restructure the prompt

We do our best level to create a prompt that might help you get the best possible results. But, sometimes, a particular might not help you in the way you expected. So, what to do?

The solution is simple. Restructure the prompt as per your requirements. If you think ChatGPT might use some more details to create better results, include them after you write the prompt.

3. Ask for suggestions, feedback, and changes

If you have already created a resume using ChatGPT or on your own, you can ask ChatGPT to review your resume. It is always the best option to ask for suggestions and feedback.

Any loopholes or grammatical errors can be easily found. You just need to ask!

And that’s it.

These were some instructions you needed to create a good resume using ChatGPT. Remember to be creative!

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