93+ ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers

ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Writing & Improving

Students have been taking ChatGPT‘s help in completing assignments and tests. We strongly feel that in this advance world of AI, Teachers must use ChatGPT for their use, too. If you are a teacher, you have reached the right web page on the internet where you will find out how ChatGPT can help in various … Read more

Character.AI Not Working on Mobile

Character.AI Not Working on Mobile

It’s fun to chat with your favorite characters using Character.AI, but if it doesn’t work properly, it can ruin your whole experience If you’ve also encountered issues with Character.AI not working on your mobile device, you’re not alone. Many users are having similar issues with Character.AI, especially on mobile devices. Well, don’t worry. In this … Read more

Bing Image Creator Prompts (++Tips)

Bing Image Creator Prompts

If you want to create some good images using AI there are several tools in the market such as Midjourney, and DALL-E, but all these are paid. But what if I say there is a way to use DALL-E powered by ChatGPT (only accessible to ChatGPT Plus members) for free. Yes, you can use the … Read more

What is WormGPT & How to Access It

What is WormGPT & How to access it

WormGPT, often dubbed the “evil twin” of popular chatbot ChatGPT, promises unparalleled power but raises alarming ethical questions. In this post, we will discuss what is WormGPT and how to access it. What is WormGPT WormGPT is an AI-powered text generator just like the popular Chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, but without any ethical guidelines … Read more

(8 Ways) Fix: OpenAI ‘The Carrier Associated with this Phone is not Supported’

Fix OpenAI The Carrier Associated with this Phone is not Supported

  OpenAI (ChatGPT‘s parent company) considers security its topmost priority. That’s why users who want to generate an API on the OpenAI’s platform must complete a phone verification. The procedure is simple: one needs to submit the code sent by OpenAI on their mobile phone. But, before this can happen, OpenAI asks for the sign-up where … Read more

Fix: Stable Diffusion ‘Unsafe Content Found’ Error (Banned Words List)

Stable Diffusion Banned Words

Stable Diffusion is an AI-powered text-to-image generator similar to Midjourney. If you have ever tried to generate an image using Stable Diffusion, you might have got an error “Unsafe content found; please try again with different prompts.” You are on the right page if you are wondering what this error is and why you are getting it. Here, … Read more

Reverse Image Prompt Generator for Stable Diffusion (Img2prompt vs Clip Interrogator)

Reverse Image Prompt Generator for Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is one of the popular AI-based image generators out there and serves its users as a free alternative to Midjourney.  Stable Diffusion is not as advanced as Midjourey, but if you are using the prompt with appropriate details and information, you will get results that look as good as Midjourney’s. It won’t be wrong … Read more