What is WormGPT & How to Access It

WormGPT, often dubbed the “evil twin” of popular chatbot ChatGPT, promises unparalleled power but raises alarming ethical questions.

In this post, we will discuss what is WormGPT and how to access it.

What is WormGPT

WormGPT is an AI-powered text generator just like the popular Chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, but without any ethical guidelines and safeguards against misuse. It can be used for good things, like writing creative stories or helping with tasks. But it can also be used for bad things, like creating fake emails to steal your information, writing harmful computer programs, or spreading misinformation, etc.

According to a cybersecurity firm SlashNext, the WormGPT is the company mentioned, “This tool is a version of GPT models made for cybercrime and specifically built for harmful activities.”

WormGPT is based on the GPTJ language model and boasts features like unlimited character support, chat memory retention, and code formatting capabilities.

It’s believed to have been trained on a diverse array of data sources, focusing particularly on malware-related data. This training makes it exceptionally adept at crafting emails for BEC attacks, as evidenced by tests where it generated highly persuasive and strategically cunning emails.


Cybercriminals are using WormGPT in various ways to enhance their phishing and BEC strategies. For instance, they might compose an email in their native language, translate it, and then refine it using WormGPT to increase its sophistication. This approach enables even those with limited language skills to craft persuasive phishing emails.

Moreover, forums dedicated to cybercrime are now seeing discussions about “jailbreaks” for AI interfaces like ChatGPT. These are specialized prompts designed to manipulate AI into generating outputs that could be used for harmful purposes, such as disclosing sensitive information or executing malicious code.

How to access WormGPT

WormGPT is not openly accessible like other AI tools. There are no official channels for downloading or using it, and promoting or facilitating access to it could be considered illegal or harmful. However, rumors and reports suggest that access to WormGPT exists on the dark web and through specific online communities and hacker forums.

It’s important to understand the potential dangers of using WormGPT before attempting to access it.

However, if you still want to know how to access WormGPT, there are two primary ways to access WormGPT: online and offline.

Online Access

To access WormGPT online, you will need a browser, and you need to find a platform on the hacker forums or on dark web that is hosting it.

Once you have found a platform hosting it, you can create your account by paying the subscription fee (if any).

However, this method poses risks, including the security of the platform and the legality of the activities conducted using WormGPT.

Offline Access

Alternatively, WormGPT can be accessed by downloading and installing it directly onto a computer.

This method often involves sourcing the tool from places like GitHub repositories, torrent sites, or dark web forums.

While this offers more control and flexibility, it requires a certain level of technical expertise for installation and maintenance.

Moreover, there’s the added risk of inadvertently downloading malware or viruses along with WormGPT.

So, as a safety concern we are not providing links to any forums directly that are providing access to WormGPT, if you need access, you will have to find such forums by yourself.

Disclaimer: This article has been written solely for educational purposes. We are not associated with WormGPT in any manner, nor do we endorse or recommend the use of WormGPT. The information provided is intended to raise awareness about the potential misuse of AI technology and to inform readers about the current landscape in cybersecurity. We strongly advise against engaging in any activities involving WormGPT or similar tools, as they are unethical and potentially illegal.


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