Bing Image Creator Prompts (++Tips)

If you want to create some good images using AI there are several tools in the market such as Midjourney, and DALL-E, but all these are paid.

But what if I say there is a way to use DALL-E powered by ChatGPT (only accessible to ChatGPT Plus members) for free.

Yes, you can use the DALL-E by using the Bing image generator for free to create some wonderful images using AI.

But, for that, you need to enter the right prompts. Below, we will provide some prompts and other tips using which you can create some cool AI-generated images.

So, let’s get started.

Bing image Creator Prompt Tips

  • Select ‘More Creative’ Option:

Before starting, choose the ‘more creative’ option in Bing Image Creator to enable image generation.

'more creative' option in Bing Image Creator

  • Be Specific and Clear:

Clearly describe what you want, including objects, settings, and colors.

  • Include Artistic Style or Theme:

Mention if you want a specific artistic style (like impressionism) or a theme (like sci-fi).

  • Set the Emotional Tone or Mood:

Describe the mood (e.g., peaceful, eerie) or atmosphere (e.g., foggy morning).

  • Define Composition and Perspective:

Indicate the viewpoint (e.g., bird’s-eye view) and highlight focal points.

  • Specify Color Scheme and Lighting:

Mention preferred colors and the type of lighting (e.g., warm, dramatic).

  • Choose Realism or Abstraction:

Decide if the image should be realistic, cartoonish, or abstract.

According to Bing blog post, It works best when you’re highly descriptive. So, get creative and add details: adjectives, locations, even artistic styles such as “digital art” or “photorealistic.”

Bing Image Creator Prompts

1. Nature and Landscapes

  • “A serene alpine lake at dawn, with mist rising off the water and the first rays of sun illuminating the surrounding peaks.”
  • “An expansive lavender field in Provence, France, under a clear blue sky, with a quaint farmhouse in the distance.”
  • “A rugged coastline with crashing waves, a lighthouse perched on a cliff, and a storm brewing on the horizon.”
  • “A majestic redwood forest with sunlight filtering through the canopy, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor.”
  • “The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over a snowy Icelandic landscape, with a traditional turf house in the foreground.”

2. Urban and Cityscapes

  • “A bustling New York City street in the 1920s, with vintage cars, Art Deco buildings, and pedestrians in period attire.”
  • “A futuristic Tokyo at night, illuminated by neon lights, with towering skyscrapers and a busy skyway filled with flying vehicles.”
  • “An aerial view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower at sunset, the Seine River winding through the city, and the streets aglow with lights.”
  • “A rainy evening in London, with reflections of the city lights on wet cobblestone streets and the iconic red double-decker buses.”
  • “A panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city and Sugarloaf Mountain at dusk.”

3. Fantasy and Mythology

  • “A majestic dragon perched atop a craggy mountain, guarding a treasure hoard in its lair, with a medieval castle in the valley below.”
  • “An enchanted forest with a hidden fairy village, glowing mushrooms, and a sparkling waterfall with magical properties.”
  • “A mythical Phoenix rising from ashes against a backdrop of a fiery sunset, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.”
  • “A bustling market in an Arabian Nights-inspired city, with genies, magic carpets, and an ornate palace in the background.”
  • “A scene from Greek mythology showing Mount Olympus with the gods and goddesses gathered, amidst clouds and divine light.”

4. Science Fiction and Space

  • “A space station orbiting a distant earth-like planet, with spacecraft docking and astronauts floating in zero gravity.”
  • “A post-apocalyptic cityscape with overgrown vegetation, derelict buildings, and remnants of advanced technology.”
  • “An alien world with a unique ecosystem, bioluminescent plants, and exotic creatures, under a sky with two moons.”
  • “A high-tech laboratory conducting advanced robotics research, with scientists working on humanoid robots and AI.”
  • “A battle scene in space with starships, laser beams, and a colorful nebula in the background.”

5. Historical and Period Pieces

  • “A grand Victorian ballroom with elegantly dressed couples dancing, ornate decorations, and a live orchestra.”
  • “An ancient Roman forum bustling with activity: senators debating, merchants selling wares, and citizens in togas.”
  • “A traditional Native American village along a river, with teepees, canoes, and a backdrop of mountains and forests.”
  • “A scene from the American Wild West with a dusty main street, saloon, horse-drawn carriages, and cowboys.”
  • “The construction of the Great Wall of China, with workers, ancient machinery, and a panoramic view of the landscape.”

6. Underwater and Marine Life

  • “A coral reef teeming with colorful fish, sea turtles, and a sunken pirate ship, with rays of sunlight filtering through the water.”
  • “An underwater view of a blue whale swimming alongside a school of dolphins, with the ocean depths fading into darkness.”
  • “A busy kelp forest ecosystem with various marine animals, including seals, sharks, and otters, in a vibrant underwater scene.”
  • “A deep-sea environment with bioluminescent creatures, unusual rock formations, and a hidden submarine exploring.”
  • “A group of penguins diving into the icy waters of Antarctica, with icebergs and a clear blue sky above.”

7. Animals and Wildlife

  • “A majestic lion resting on the savanna at sunset, with a backdrop of acacia trees and a distant mountain range.”
  • “A family of elephants trekking across the African plains, with a dramatic thunderstorm brewing in the background.”
  • “A flock of flamingos in a tropical lagoon, with vibrant pink and orange hues reflected in the water at sunrise.”
  • “A snow leopard stealthily navigating a rocky Himalayan landscape, with snow-capped peaks and a clear blue sky.”
  • “A group of colorful parrots in the Amazon rainforest, with lush green foliage and a waterfall in the background.”

8. Portraits and Characters

  • “A portrait of a regal queen in Renaissance attire, with an elaborate gown, a jeweled crown, and a commanding expression.”
  • “A steampunk inventor in his workshop, surrounded by gadgets, gears, and steam engines, with a look of concentration.”
  • “A wise old wizard in a mystical library, with shelves of ancient books, glowing orbs, and a magical staff.”
  • “A cyberpunk hacker in a neon-lit urban room, with futuristic computer screens and a holographic interface.”
  • “A traditional Japanese samurai in full armor, standing in a cherry blossom garden with a katana sword.”

9. Abstract and Conceptual Art

  • “An abstract representation of chaos and order, with swirling patterns, contrasting colors, and a blend of sharp and smooth lines.”
  • “A conceptual piece symbolizing human emotion, with expressive brush strokes, a vibrant color palette, and abstract facial features.”
  • “A surreal landscape that defies physics, with floating islands, upside-down waterfalls, and a sky filled with multiple moons.”
  • “An artistic interpretation of the four elements – earth, air, fire, water – in a harmonious composition, blending textures and colors.”
  • “A visual metaphor for the passage of time, with clock elements, shifting sands, and changing landscapes in a continuous flow.”

10. Food and Cuisine

  • “A gourmet French bakery with an array of pastries, bread, and desserts displayed in a charming shop window.”
  • “An Italian family dinner table set outdoors in a vineyard at sunset, with pasta, wine, and a lively family gathering.”
  • “A traditional Japanese sushi counter with a chef preparing fresh sushi, an array of ingredients, and a minimalist setting.”
  • “A colorful Indian market stall with spices, fruits, and street food, bustling with activity and vibrant colors.”
  • “A cozy American diner at night, with neon signs, classic burgers and milkshakes, and a nostalgic 1950s ambiance.”


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