(2023) Midjourney Banned Words as per Community Guidelines

Midjourney has proven itself to be one of the greatest AI-powered tools in the industry, which can be used to generate any possible image that one can think of.

But, as the human mind discovers the possibilities and freedom the tool offers, the intrusive thoughts might cause disruptions.

That’s why the creators of Midjourney decided not to let users’ intrusive thoughts win and limit the tool to generating SFW (Safe for Work) or PG-13 content only.

Midjourney censors the content by automatically blocking the text inputs that have the tendency to create images that are deemed disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive.

Here in this post, we will include a list of all the words that are banned, and that you should avoid using in Midjourney.

Midjourney Banned Words as per Community Guidelines

We are going to mention some really ad∪lt and unsafe words here. User’s discretion is required!

To dilute the offensive of the words, we have modified a few letters. ‘α’ is used for ‘a’, ‘ε’ is used for ‘e’, ‘$’ is used for ‘s’.

Banned Anime-Ad∪lt Words in Midjourney

Midjourney is an excellent tool for creating Anime art. You can easily input the artistry type as Anime, and you will be good to go. And even for Anime type art, Midjourney has banned words that create NSFW art.

You can check out the list of banned words below.

  • Mαturε
  • Hαrεm
  • ∃cchi
  • Isεkai
  • Hαnimε
  • Shibαri
  • κinbaκ∪
  • Lεwd
  • Sεinεn
  • οppai
  • Hεntαi

Banned Gοre Words in Midjourney

Another type of words that are banned on Midjourney are the ones that can possibly create gοre images. Any series of words that can create images of viοlence with the human or animal body are banned on the platform.

  • Blοοd
  • Br∪isεs
  • Gοry
  • κilling
  • S∪rgεry
  • Vivisεctiοn
  • Mαssαcrε
  • Cαr crαsh
  • Cοrp$ε
  • Blοοdbαth
  • Flεsh
  • Cr∪cified
  • C∪tting
  • Cr∪cifixiοn
  • Blοοdy
  • Tεrαtοma
  • κhοrnε
  • Cαnnibαl
  • Cαnnibαlism
  • Viscεrαl
  • G∪ts
  • Tryphοphοοbia
  • Wο∪nd
  • Crοnεnbεrg
  • Dεcαpitαtε
  • Infεstεd
  • Sαdist
  • Slα∪ghtεr
  • Blοοdshοt
  • Gr∪εsοmε
  • κill (as in κill la κill)
  • Infεctεd
  • Hεmοglοbin
  • S∪icidε

Banned Ad∪lt Words in Midjourney

Midjourney only allows users to create SFW (Safe for Work) content on their platform. There is a long list of ad∪lt words that are banned and cannot be used. Moreover, users who try to use ad∪lt words even after several warnings are disbanded from using Midjourney.

  • Ahεgaο
  • pin ∪p
  • bαllgag
  • Plαybοy
  • Gir†h
  • Vαginα
  • Bimbο
  • bοdily fl∪ids
  • dοminαtrix
  • sεd∪ctivε
  • εrοtic
  • Thicκ
  • Hοnκεrs
  • f∪cκ
  • $sεn$∪al
  • Hαrdcοrε
  • bο∪dοir
  • r∪lε34
  • brοthεl
  • sεd∪cing
  • Shαg
  • hοr∩y
  • οnε-night stαnd
  • $∪cc∪b∪s
  • Jεrκ οff κing at pic
  • thοt
  • transparεnt
  • lεgs spread
  • twεrκ
  • maκing lοvε
  • waÞ
  • incεst
  • Sm∪t
  • jαv
  • $∪cκ
  • vοl∪ptuοus
  • na∪ghty
  • $pαnκ
  • οrgαns
  • Brεαsts
  • οvαriεs
  • hοt
  • Bοndαgε
  • Bd$m
  • Slαvεgirl
  • Slu†
  • βitch
  • $εxy
  • Phαll∪s
  • Crο†ch
  • plεαs∪rε
  • Arsε
  • Lαbiα
  • Fεmαlε Bοdy Pαrts
  • A$$
  • Mingε
  • Vεiny
  • Ti††y
  • NiΡΡlε
  • p∪ssy
  • Mi⌊f
  • ×××
  • Bοοty
  • Bο$οm
  • Big A$$
  • Mοmmy Milκεr
  • Bοοb
  • οrgαsm
  • B∪sty
  • wincεst
  • Bαdοnκεrs
  • οrgy
  • $∪l†ry
  • Crεαmy piε
  • Pεni$
  • Cl∪ngε
  • Mαmmαriεs
  • H∪mαn cεntipεdε
  • sεxy fεmalε
  • Dicκ
  • $κimpy
  • Hοοtεrs
  • κnοb

Banned Ad∪lt Clothing Words in Midjourney

There are some other words that might not be categorized as ‘ad∪lt’ but can be used to create NSFW images on Midjourney. A list of all the banned words can be checked below.

  • a∪ nat∪ralε
  • clεαvαgε
  • $trippεd
  • no clothεs
  • Spεεdο
  • f∪ll frontαl ∪nclothεd
  • invisiblε clothes
  • n∪dε
  • barεly dressed
  • brα
  • lingεriε with no shirt
  • risq∪é
  • scαntily
  • clαd
  • nακεd
  • witho∪t clothεs on
  • nεgligεε
  • zεro clothes
  • Trαnsparεnt
  • wεαring nothing
  • nο shirt
  • bαrε chest
  • Trαnslucεnt

Other Banned Words in Midjourney

Other than ad∪lt images, Midjoruney considers images targeting one’s religion, race, gender, and disability as NSFW too. This is a significant step, as the images created by Midjourney are not always perfect and can hurt the sentiments of believers.

You cannot use the words provided in the list.

  • Tαboo
  • Fa$ci$t
  • Nazi
  • clεαr
  • Prophεt Mohammεd
  • $lavε
  • Cοοn
  • Hοnκεy
  • Arrε$tεd
  • Jαil
  • Hαndc∪ff$
  • Dοg cοllar
  • Dr∪gs
  • Cοcαinε
  • Hεrοin
  • Mεth
  • Crαcκ

What users and artists think about Midjourney Censorship

Well, the reaction of the community is mixed. While some agree on the entire censorship, some believe that only a part of the current censorship is required. The restriction of using some words in Midjourney somewhat limits the artist’s creativity and innovation.

Artist review Midjourney
Source: Youtube

The current censorship makes sense to us, but we also believe that the developers must tweak things a bit.

We have seen a lot of examples where censorship ultimately limits imagination and creativity.

Yes, alternatives to banned words exist, but still, in some scenarios, the restriction doesn’t feel right in the first place.

Artist review Midjourney
Source: Youtube

We have seen many examples that got us thinking that developers should reconsider their list of banned words. Or recognize the context in which the word is being used.

Artist review Midjourney
Source: Youtube
Artist review Midjourney
Source: Youtube

Some people are brave enough to imagine a situation where Midjourney revokes censorship. Well, some artists will be able to enjoy the benefits, but it will surely be disastrous.

That’s why, Midjounrney’s decision to keep the platform SFW or PG-13 gets our full support.

Artist review Midjourney
Source: Youtube

With this being said, we would like to conclude our post here.

We will be back with another awesome post soon.

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